Sam Hughes

Interview with Composer, James Gosling

Sam Hughes speaks to excellent composer James Gosling. James studied composition with John Woolrich and Peter Wiegold, and piano with Thalia Myers at the University of

Sam’s PhD Blog #3

Another 2 week course finished for the IGGI PhD! This time was a programming assignment where we made our own game in a few days. Being

Alyx Jones

PS+ Game of the Month: Dragon Fin Soup

Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Grimm Bros Composer: Jade Leamcharaskul Sound Design: Randis Albion Reviewed on: Playstation 4 Dragon Fin Soup is a turn based RPG Game that takes inspiration from fairy

Andrew Overfield

Everybody’s Gone!: The Sound of Silence

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: The Chinese Room Composer: Jessica Curry Sound Designer: Adam Hay Reviewed on: PlayStation 4   I wasn't actually intending on doing an audio review of this

Jurassic World: This Walrus is a Tiny T-Rex

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Director: Colin Trevorrow Composer: Michael Giacchino Sound Designers: Pete Horner, Al Nelson & Team Reviewed on: Film Now let's forget that there has ever been