Sam Hughes


Interview with MTV Faking It’s Michael Willett!

Photo by Ryan Orange Sam Hughes speaks to MTV's Faking It star, Michael Willett about his career, his new album REGENERATE & more! Michael released ‘Phase I’


Interview with Dragon’s Crown Composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto!

Sam Hughes speaks to composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto, about his soundtrack for Dragon's Crown.  Starting his career in the underground video game making communities in Japan where he often

Alyx Jones

Sony flies the flag for Game Music @ E3 2016

Article by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes If you have not yet had the chance to witness Sony Playstation's E3 press conference, you absolutely should. Bear

Andrew Overfield


EastWest Hollywood Solo Series Review

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Sounds Online / EastWest Producers: Nick Phoenix / Doug Rogers Sound Engineer: Shawn Murphy Composer: Andrew Overfield Reviewed on: Mac / Logic Pro 9   When


Andrew Overfield’s Take On Assasssin’s Creed Movie Trailer

Our very own Andrew Overfield has written his own music as his interpretation to accompany the Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer.  Very nice cameo of a nostalgia track