That’s right people. Whether it be fear of the unkown, or the certainty of what’s coming. We discuss the sounds in your favourite games that created all those “Oh crap” moments. Whether they mean your running out of time so you panic and rush on, or whether it is the sound of something coming your way that you know is going to hurt, scare or kill you. These sounds even today will make you flinch when you hear them even outside the gaming realm.

Enjoy and try not to shudder or flinch and dive for the game pad too much as we discuss The Top Ten Foreboding Game Sounds as chosen by you!

10.Shark Music from Banjo-Kazooie

Anyone panics at the sound of a shark chasing them in water and this game really gets your pulse racing. As you search for the collectibles in Cove’s coastline you can hear this music kick in and theres that big blue shark coming right for you! It’s time to kick those legs, grab that Jingo and get the hell out of the water!

9. Any sound in Dead Space

You know it. That moment where you’re wondering whats going to reach out of the darkness next? That’s pretty much all the way through this one. Distant vents crashing. High pitch string glissandos. The sound of footsteps, groans, moans and screams. Nothing better to comfort you when you’re all alone on a dark, isolated alien disease infested spacecraft…..

8. Creepers hiss from Minecraft

Just when you thought you were safe and sound. When you’re about to grab all those goodies HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

7. Pokemon Low Health

Bidum Bidum Bidum. This sound means it’s time to switch Pokemon, heal up, or pray they miss as you battle for your very little remaining life in a Pokemon battle. Nice and off-putting while your trying to think battle tatics!

6. Running of time in Super Mario

When this little ditty kicks in, you know you’re running out of time. The music speeds up alongside you as you race to the finish line hoping to carry on your way to free the princess from the clutches of the evil King Kooper!

5. White noise in Slender

This intense game inspires fear throughout. As time goes on you have a higher chance of seeing the slender man and when you do, this noise increases the longer you look at him until you die. This sound is all too creepy by itself, but when combined with the fact you’ve just bumped into lurches evil twin brother with no face? *Shudder*.

4. Radio in Silent Hill 1(Or in most of them to be honest!)

Survival horror buffs will be all too familiar with this one. In the middle of the fog, as your radio hiss intensifies it means that one of the evil creatures from the realm of Silent Hill is close by and getting even closer…….

3. Clickers from The Last of Us

One of the newest on our least, and arguably the most fear inspiring. The Clickers from The Last of Us can’t see and so use echo-location. This means that they listen for your movement. No running and/or shooting your way through this crowd. It’s time to throw some bottles or other distracting items and very slowly creep past them or kill them using any quiet means necessary. If you’ve been spotted, LEG IT!

2. Suffocating in Sonic

Right, now you’ve changed your underwear from the last sound here’s another one that will make you you tense up. Your favourite little blue hedghog may be the fastest thing alive (a-thank-a-you), but he can’t breathe underwater. This fact is more than demonstrated when you fall into the depths of any water in the world of Sonic The Hedgehog. As suffocation draws nearer, you hear this music kick in and you frantically search for the nearest air pocket, praying for the Wup Wup of the little guy drawing another breath.

1. Metal Gear Solid Alert Sound


That’s right ladies and gentlemen! This is your number one sound that makes you flinch. When you’re stealthing and moving in perfect silence, there’s nothing that makes you jump more than the loud alert sound in Metal Gear Solid, meaning that one guard you forgot about has spotted you! Time to go from stealth to all out attack! Or, erm. Run away and hide. Either work.

Hope you enjoyed our Top Ten Foreboding Game Sounds, keep your ears open for more top tens coming soon!

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Article written by Sam Hughes

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