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Interview with Professional Voice Actor Carina Reeves

Carina Reeves
Carina Reeves

The Sound Architect speaks to the cheerful and bubbly professional voice artist Carina Reeves! We discuss her career so far and gain invaluable insight into how the industry works. Plus her top 5 tips for aspiring voice artists are great ;) !

Carina Reeves is from London, and has been acting sice she was little. She attended Italia Conti Academy and completed her BA degree in Acting. Since finishing drama school she has had a very compelling career in Voice Overs. She has worked with companies such as BBC, Radio 1, ITV, Play Station, NHS, Nintendo, Sky, Warner Brothers and The Hobbit. Carina is currently in an animation character for Cbeebies ‘Chuggington’ playing the role of Tyne and also is featured on the promo for Sky 1 ‘The Kumars’.

Listen to our interview right here: Interview with Professional Voice Artist Carina Reeves


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