Updates from Krotos! New Weaponiser Magic and Whooshes libraries and new videos in “Sound Design from the Sofa” Series

Our friends at Krotos have released 2 new libraries for their Weaponiser plug-in! First up, we have the new Whooshes Library, which offers a complete collection of whoosh sound effects for creating a variety of movements, pass-bys, transitions, sweeps and impacts! Next up, we have the new Magic Library, which is

Krotos Igniter & Sound Design Bundle 2 Review

Review by Jake BastenEdited by Sam HughesDeveloper: Krotos Audio Krotos Audio recently released their Sound Design Bundle 2, featuring all of their best tools in one package. Their most recent release Igniter (Full Tank edition), a tool and library for vehicle sound design, is included in this bundle as well as

Audient ID44 Review

Review by Matthew Kilford Edited by Sam Hughes Price: £499 Developer: Audient Reviewed on: Mac OSX High Sierra Audient ID44 https://youtu.be/V9Mdw8eCJWs You wait for an age, and then suddenly two audio interfaces come along at once.  A few months ago I got to review the stoic RME Babyface Pro audio interface, and as an owner of an Audient ID22, it

Bowed Cactus – Sound Effect Library Review

Bowed Cactus Cover

Reviewed by: Jake Basten Edited By: Katie Tarrant Recordist: Tom Rex Beverly For the first 48 hours after this article being published, Tom Rex Beverly is offering readers a$10 discount off the price of Bowed Cactus. This offer compounds on top of any other discounts that apply.  Visit:  https://thomasrexbeverly.com/collections/sound-libraries/products/bowed-cactus and use the code 'TheSoundArchitect’.Tom's 40% off Black

RME Babyface Pro Review

Review by Matthew Kilford Edited by Alyx Jones Price: £675 Developer: RME Reviewed on: Mac OSX High Sierra I have a confession. I’m not the most tech savvy guy when it comes to audio interfaces. My fearful relationships with audio interfaces has lasted around 10 years. Only 3 of those years I would say I’ve

G4F Records Announces Lost In Harmony Soundtracks For Vinyl And CD

lost in harmony vinyl release

The soundtrack to the musical runner is now available to pre-order on double vinyl and CD.   Following the recent release of Digixart's musical runner Lost in Harmony on Nintendo Switch and PC, G4F Records has announced two physical releases for the game's soundtracks. Lost in Harmony: Kaito's Adventure is getting an eye-catching

Spitfire Chamber Strings Review

Review by Jordan Killiard Edited by Sam Dudley Price: £599 inc. vat Developer: Spitfire Audio Spitfire Chamber Strings has risen out of the ashes of Spitfire’s original Sable series. Released back in 2013, Sable was a modular library beginning Spitfire’s British Modular Library (BML) series, released in five volumes, including specially created ensemble

ACID Pro 8.0 Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Introduction ACID Pro 8.0 is a DAW targeted at music creators and producers that thrives on loop-based experimentation and production. In need of an upgrade since its initial creation, MAGIX have given ACID a much needed makeover, with a sleeker design, the addition of a