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Interview with EVE: Valkyrie’s Audio Team, Jon McCavish and Ash Read

Back in March Sam Hughes went to CCP in Newcastle to try out their VR Title, EVE: Valkyrie based on the EVE: Online universe.

Sam speaks with the audio team Ash Read and Jon McCavish about their process, working with VR and more!

Ash Read:

After finishing my studies at the School of Sound Recording in Manchester I landed my first game audio job as an intern. I then moved on to TT Fusion to work on a few lego games, then onto Ubisoft to work on Watch_Dogs and the Crew. Now I get to experiment with VR audio on EVE: Valkyrie! Right now we have the opportunity to fully explore how best to represent what a player sees (and often feels) in VR, from sound design to how the sound translates and adapts as the player moves their head. It’s a very interesting new approach to game audio implementation!

Jon McCavish:

I got into digital audio through making electronic music at home from about 1998 onwards. A typical bedroom music producer. At this time I was studying computer art and design and this led to work in the games industry as a tester. I began working on PS1 and PS2 games as an audio designer in 2000 at Eutechnyx in Gateshead and in 2004 moved to Rockstar North where I worked on the GTA series and other titles until 2013. Then as a freelancer I worked on the Crew at Ubisoft in 2014 where I met Ash Read. I took on the role of Audio Lead at CCP Gateshead in 2014 and now work alongside Ash on Eve Valkyrie. One of the great things about the games industry is it’s still very possible to find something fresh and exciting to do in game audio!




EVE: Valkyrie



EVE: Valkyrie




Ash Read

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