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Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 Product Review!


Turtle Beach PX24s Review

Just to be clear, I’ve mostly been testing out the headset on the PS4 with Fallout 4 as I figured it had enough range of activities with different SFX, dialogue, music etc. I did also try it out on Rocket League, SOMA and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter for variety. Most of the comments below refer to Fallout 4 on PS4.


At First Feel

At first feel, the PX24s are highly comfortable with their cushioned mesh ear­-cups, so you really can play for hours without any issues.

It comes with the “The innovative Ear Force SuperAmp™ battery powered in­line amplifier” with all the controls you need, and it just charges via your console USB cable.


The battery life is fantastic, I even forgot to turn off the amplifier overnight and the next day it still had plenty of power to keep going.

One of the great things about modern consoles, which I LOVE, is that headsets can now just use a standard 3.5mm jack lead!!! Finally, they all use it and it’s wonderful. This means you can also use your headset with your devices such as Laptops, Tablets and Phones (Though I’d recommend without the amplifier as it’s a bit awkward to carry around).


Chat Control

You can have instant feedback on how you sound to everyone else in the conversation/game via the chat monitoring system. The quality from the mic is great from what I can tell, with other gamers telling me the clarity is perfect.



Super Human Hearing

“Super Human Hearing” I have to admit I was dubious from the off on this one. The idea is that it “gives players the competitive advantage of hearing enemies before they come into view” Whereas I just found a lot of annoying frequencies being made louder, along with making it a poor mix. The games been mixed that way for a reason! The idea of enhancing specific sounds would be great if it didn’t increase the volume of almost everything at the same time. Although a nice idea, I won’t be using this feature.


Virtual Surround

OK, so it’s very easy to get caught up in virtual surround as it implies binaural/3D space, etc. This feature is to emulate surround sound on the horizontal plane only. Bear this in mind when trying it. With that information in mind, it does an OK job. Considering that the stereo jack plugs directly into the controller, you’ll be wondering how it does what it does, especially as you change no settings on the console/game.


Outside of Games

Now I know headsets usually stay attached to the console/PC but I wanted to take them for a spin on my handset (LG G3). So I took them around with Spotify on the move into the local city centre. After using in-­ear buds for quite a while, it was refreshing to have the cups around my ears again. Not only that, but the quality was great! The stereo separation and mixing within songs were much easier to hear and take note of. I heard things in songs I had listened to many times, that I had not heard before. Considering they’re made with gaming in mind, they’re pretty top notch for music too. You can also get creative with the virtual surround too if you fancy a weird mixed version! I wouldn’t try the super ­human hearing though ;) it might blast your ears off!




Don’t forget that this was review was conducted on the PS4 and your experience could be very different with other games and on Xbox One/PC.

Although there were some criticisms in there, at currently £49.99 reduced (Usually £69.99), the PX24s are a fantastic headset for the price. You may not use all of the features, but you’ll have high quality audio in a highly comfortable, practically wireless system. If you’re looking for a nice headset at the lower end of the price range, then the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24s would be high on my recommendation list.

For more info and the full specs see the following link:­detail/ps4­headsets/ear­force­px24/791


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