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Sam’s PhD Blog #3

Another 2 week course finished for the IGGI PhD! This time was a programming assignment where we made our own game in a few days.

Being from an audio background it was quite daunting learning C# with Unity, but I have to admit it was very satisfying making my very basic additions to the game. I may have only made some spinning pickups, a minimap and so UI health/ammo bars/numbers but hey I made it! Never made anything before in Unity before this week so it was tutorials galore! Due to my rubbish laptop I had to borrow one decent enough to run Unity, hence the dual-wielding of the laptops above! (One for tutorials 😉 )

Again, if I can share the video of our (very quickly made so don’t judge!) game once it’s been assessed I will.

Emily and Zoe deserve most of the credit as they have more experience than me with Unity and programming. It’s safe to say we didn’t take it amazingly seriously… and it was a lot of fun!



Sadly there was no time (or mark) to make decent audio for it.

My brain is mush at this point and I apologise for the lack of intelligent reading here. Like I said this is mainly to jot everything down and get it out there. Thanks for reading my ramblings!



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Sam Hughes
Sound designer and voice actor who has worked on various media titles over the years. Always believing in audio, I try to share the wealth of knowledge from my colleagues and veterans of the industry to help audiophiles grow and evolve as a community.

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