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On the Shoulders Giants Release and Show Reel!!

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Hi all!

That’s right the epic film release of “On the Shoulders of Giants” was released last December!

This epic retro 1950’s style genius creation, was devised by Mr Kenneth Barker, writer, producer and director of this great feature film.

Please find the full film available on Water On The Rocks

Also have made a collaborative show reel of some of my work on the sound design of the film, find that over at the Videos page or here at Sam Hughes – On The Shoulders of Giants Show Reel

The audio version is available here: Sam Hughes – On The Shoulders Of Giants Audio Show Reel

The film was a great experience and I am very grateful to Ken for the opportunity to work on such a large and rewarding project.

Please check it out it is worth a watch and it was the result of a fantastic team of individuals.



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