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Commercial Scoring Workshop Interview with Silas Hite



The Sound Architect catches up again with Emmy-award winning composer Silas Hite who is hosting a Commercial Scoring Workshop (in partnership with iZotope) taking place September 6th, 9th, and 11th. The workshop will take place in-person in Los Angeles and is available for participants world-wide through web conference.

This workshop is designed to give insight and experience to musicians who are interested in writing music for commercials. The workshop consists of three, three-hour classes and a one-on-one career assessment and guidance meeting.

In the first class, participants will be given a real commercial to score, along with creative direction on how to begin. In subsequent classes the scores will be reviewed and constructive feedback and guidance will be given. Each class will also feature lectures and Q&A sessions to address the many aspects of the commercials scoring industry, from creative considerations, to budgets and contracts. Example lecture topics include:

1. The creative and business differences related to scoring commercials vs. films, video games and television.

2. The differences between music licensing, work-for-hire, and working at a music house vs. being a freelance composer.

3. How to look for scoring jobs, what you need to do to get them, and how to make the most of the music you have already created.

Here’s what Silas had to say to us about everything: Commercial Scoring Workshop Interview with Silas Hite


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