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Interview with Monument Valley Sound Designer, Stafford Bawler

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Stafford is an award winning sound designer with nearly 18 years’ experience of creating and integrating audio content into video games. His work spans four console generations that can be found in over 70 published titles to date. These include everything from his first title ‘Chill’ a very early snowboarding game to many Football and Lego titles, as well as numerous racing games: Colin McRae Dirt, Forza Motorsport series and Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed. In 2013 Stafford became an independent freelancer. One of the first titles he created audio for was UsTwo Game’s ‘Monument Valley’ on iOS and Android. Stafford’s work on that title earned him the coveted Develop 2014 award for Creative Contribution, Audio. Stafford has also been nominated for the 2015 Develop Creative Outsourcer: Audio Award for his work in Monument Valley ‘Forgotten Shores’.

There is also a full audio review by Alyx right here: Monument Valley Game Audio Review

Read the full interview here: Interview with Monument Valley Sound Designer, Stafford Bawler


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