PS+ Game of the Month: Gone Home

Review by Alyx Jones Developer: The Fullbright Company Composers: Chris Remo (plus music from Heavens to Betsy, Bratmobile and The Youngins) Audio Engineer: Josh Millman Voice Actors: Sarah Grayson (Sam), Sarah Elmaleh (Katie) Reviewed on: Playstation 4 Gone Home is a first person exploration game by The Fullbright Company, sometimes referred to as "walking simulators", with puzzle elements. It

Firewatch Game Audio Review


Developer: Campo Santo Composer/Sound Designer: Chris Remo Sound Provided by: Bay Area Sound Inc., Jared Emerson-Johnson, Julian Kwasneski, Connor Stock & Chris Remo Voice Artists: Rich Sommer, Cissy Jones Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Back in February, San Francisco developers Campo Santo brought us Firewatch. Featuring members who have worked on the likes of Bioshock