TSAP S02E03: Anthony Hales – Technical Director, Global Audio at SIDE, Pole To Win

Special Thanks to Callum Tennick for Editing Sam chats to Anthony Hales about the casting process, working on blockbuster video games, advice for actors auditioning for or recording at SIDE and more! Anthony Hales is Technical Director at SIDE and Pole to Win , which is an outsourcing company that

Now Play This Games Exhibition

Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes Now Play This is a games exhibition held in the New Wing of Somerset House, as part of the London Games Festival. It's a 3-day event running from the 1-3 April, now in its second year. Now Play This, is particularly focused on artistic

How Much Exposure Buys You Food


OPINION PIECE: All opinion pieces are not representative of The Sound Architect as a whole, but of the individual writing the piece. Featured Image Credit: Inmybag.net 1 Article by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Keep in mind boys and girls, this is an opinion piece. My first for The Sound Architect and one

Sam’s PhD Blog #4 – Global GameJam 2016


Sam Hughes recounts his personal experience of his first game jam, in this case the Global Game Jam. As this is a personal blog section all opinions are of Sam Hughes and Sam Hughes only, not of The Sound Architect.  Prologue It's been a while since I wrote for this blog, so

Sam’s PhD Blog #3

Another 2 week course finished for the IGGI PhD! This time was a programming assignment where we made our own game in a few days. Being from an audio background it was quite daunting learning C# with Unity, but I have to admit it was very satisfying making my very basic


Guest Article by Julian Surma Edited by Sam Hughes A guest article by student, Julian Surma, after his visit to the Edinburgh Game Symposium - Proto-Play Edition co-directed by Video game composers, Luci Holland and Jacob Pernell. Find out what he thought of the event's third year, and first appearance in Dundee.  Normally the prospect