Izotope Iris 2

Reviewed by Joe Thom Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Izotope Reviewed on: PC If you're looking for a virtual instrument and sampler, with the flexibility of a modern synth, with the fun of spectral filtering, look no further! The first iteration of Izotope's Iris was famous for taking the advanced spectral editing technology of RX, and dumping it

ARPS by Umlaut Audio Review

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Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes ARPS is a percussive virtual instrument by the clever souls at Umlaut Audio. It can be used in many DAWs as it is designed for Kontakt (works perfectly on the free version), so is pretty easy to setup and get go, out of the box. ARPS is

GuitarMonics Kickstarter from Sound Designer, Rodney Gates

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The Sound Architect speaks to renowned Sound Designer, Rodney Gates, regarding his new virtual instrument from his company SoundCues.    Read it Here: GuitarMonics Kickstarter from Sound Designer, Rodney Gates   To hear GuitarMonics in action, visit the Kickstarter page here, which ends February 16th: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1034838346/guitarmonics-the-first-virtual-instrument-from-sou   First, here is a link to the main Kickstarter project video