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Jacob Yoffee & Roahn Hylton – Composers – The Age of A.I., Sherwood, Best Shot (TSAP S03E01)

In the first episode of the year (and decade 😲), we kick off season 3 with composers Jacob Yoffee and Roahn Hylton.
In this episode Sam discusses with them about scoring YouTube’s The Age of A.I. hosted by Robert Downey Jr., how they began working together, how to compose as a duo, as well as how their contrasting backgrounds of hip-hop and classical lend to each other.

Special Thanks to Callum Tennick for Editing

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The composers each have their own musical specialty—Jacob has classical/jazz roots and Roahn has a hip-hop/pop background. Their expertise in opposing genres allows them to broaden the palette on any score they collaborate on and has also enabled them to have a better understanding of one another’s musical sensibilities. For The Age of A.I., Jacob and Roahn were originally asked to deliver a signature sci-fi sound, which is electronic-heavy. After their initial approach, the duo and their collaborators quickly realized that this wasn’t the right fit for the series. After a great deal of experimentation, they landed on a sound that was more human and organic. The resulting score is mostly orchestral and acoustic chamber music, with some electronic elements and perfectly speaks to the message of the docuseries.”


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