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Audiokinetic Announce Wwise Dolby Atmos® Support!


Article by Sam Hughes

Today, Audiokinetic announced the support of  Dolby Atmos®, enabling object-based, immersive next-generation audio in video games.

According to Audiokinetic they have laid the groundwork within the already-existing versions of Wwise® 2015.1, allowing developers to enable Dolby’s “revolutionary audio system” into their game productions.

This is highly anticipated and personally, not a surprise at all. I am surprised how soon it’s been able to be used on shipped titles though.

Martin Dufour, CTO of Audiokinetic, stated, “Dolby Atmos allows sound designers to take the best techniques of their existing pipelines, and add the benefits of the 3D world that their games are using. No longer will they need to flatten their sound design into a plane, they can use the true object position data from the game to move key sounds around the entire world space, truly immersing the player in the world they’ve created.”

The first games using Wwise and Dolby Atmos sound will apparently begin shipping shortly.

So what do we all think of that then?

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Sam Hughes
Sound designer and voice actor who has worked on various media titles over the years. Always believing in audio, I try to share the wealth of knowledge from my colleagues and veterans of the industry to help audiophiles grow and evolve as a community.

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