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The Sound Architect™ is an audio resource dedicated to sharing the knowledge of industry professionals and anyone with a passion and love for audio. Our goal is to contribute to the audio community as much as we can and continue to maintain and evolve the quality of audio in all entertainment mediums. We do this by sharing news, reviews, articles and interviews related to Game Audio, Film Sound, Music, Audio Events and everything audio.

Meet the Current Team!

Sam Hughes
Founder | Editor-in-Chief

An experienced sound designer and voice actor who has worked on various media titles over the years. Always believing in audio, I try to share the wealth of knowledge from my colleagues and veterans of the industry to help audiophiles grow and evolve as a community.

Katie Tarrant
Lead Editor

Katie is a composer and sound designer. I graduated from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2016 and am currently working at Rare as a junior audio designer.

Alyx Jones
Head Writer

A Composer for Video Games and Head Writer for The Sound Architect, I particularly love indie games and the emotional experiences games can bring, that stay with you for a lifetime. For me the soundtrack is the biggest part of this, and that is why I do what I do!

Ashley Rezvani

Ashley graduated with her Masters in Digital Game Design & Theory from Brunel University in September 2017. As a lifelong musician and gamer, she has always been fascinated by the ways sound design and game design work together to create amazing, immersive experiences for players. Now back in her hometown in the Rocky Mountains, Ashley has been spending her days playing games, writing about them, and of course making them too!

Jake Basten

Jake is a sound designer, composer and audio developer for TV and Games, living in Bristol, UK. With a BA Music degree from University of Southampton, Jake has branched out and embraced the technical and interactive aspects of sound - focusing on interactive audio with Wwise, PureData and Unity, as well as sharpening his skills in recording, editing and post-production. He currently works as a C# programmer and freelances as a sound designer and composer.

Jordan Killiard

Jordan is a composer and sound designer based in the south west of England. Starting in a small post production studio in Edinburgh, Jordan worked on everything from ADR for Hollywood movies, to adverts for local furniture shops. He has written music for dozens of children’s audio books by authors such as Julia Donaldson, Neil Gaiman and many more. Jordan also writes commercial library music and his tracks have appeared several times on ITV.

Matthew Kilford

Matthew is a musician who composes and records music for video games, animation & film. He recently composed the soundtrack for the Warhammer Naval Battle video game Man O War Corsair. Matthew has also contributed to the app Get Foraging. Matthew became part of the BAFTA Games Crew in 2017.

Sam Dudley

Sam has been creating music and sound design for video games, TV, short films and animation for 10 years. Working with developers like Playerthree on Disney and Marvel titles, whilst also creating all things audio with Invisibit Studios as Audio Lead, on their upcoming debut.

Tom Garner

By day, a Research Fellow in Virtual / Augmented Reality at the University of Portsmouth. By night, a lone games developer and composer for a few up and coming indie titles.

Willy McCarter

Willy currently resides in County Donegal in the north west of Ireland. He is currently working as a freelance sound designer for games. When not gaming or working in post production, Willy\'s other activities include Hurling, Rugby, Reading and Blogging.

Callum Tennick
Podcast Operator

Callum is a graduate sound designer based in Nottingham, UK. He graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2015 where during his second year, co-founded noisecreations. Specialising in producing premium Sound Effects Collections.

Kabir Birdi
Web Developer

A Sound Designer by day and a Web Developer any other time he can squeeze in, Kabir maintains The Sound Architect\'s website, making sure it\'s spiffy and functioning! He believes WordPress is a beast that can be tamed, to bring everyone great content!

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