Game Audio Nexus (AKA #GAN) is a meetup in the North of England, presented by The Sound Architect.

Organised by Host and Founder, Sam Hughes, and Co-Organiser, Dexter Prior, Game Audio Nexus aims to give back to the community with casual events, talks and the big meetups, soon to be more!

Constantly growing in number, lots of our attendees have made friends for life, got work and met some of their heroes via GAN, so we hope to continue this and keep inspiring the new additions to the game audio family.

ALL ARE WELCOME (as long as you’re nice and respectful) whether you actually are into game audio or it’s just an area you’re interested in checking out.

Stay tuned here for updates on our next meetup and don’t forget to join the Facebook Group: Game Audio Nexus and follow us on Twitter: @GameAudioNexus

See you there!