Cyberpunk 2077 – Hanna Kubiak, Senior Sound Designer/Scene Audio Co-ordinator

(TSAP S04E05) Sam speaks to Hanna Kubiak about her journey into game audio and work on Cyberpunk 2077. This conversation dives into some of the systemic and tech solutions for things such as Foley & weapons. They also discuss how it differed to working on The Witcher III, as well as

Western Black Powder Guns – Sound Designer, Barney Oram

Barney Oram Western Black Powder Guns

(TSAP S04E03) Sam chats with Barney Oram, sound designer at Sweet Justice Sound, about his recent sound library, Western Black Powder Guns. They discuss everything about the sound library process; from prep and gear management, all the way to post processing and price. Barney also shares his learnings from making his

Ghost of Tsushima Audio Director, Rev. Dr Bradley Meyer (Sucker Punch Productions)

(TSAP S04E02) In this episode, Sam is joined by Sucker Punch Productions Audio Director, Rev. Dr Bradley Meyer to chat about the audio for Ghost of Tsushima. They discuss the soundscapes of the environments, the detail in the Foley, voiceover, dynamic systems, creating authentic sounds for the world of 13th Century

HADES Special with Audio Director Darren Korb – Supergiant Games

(TSAP S04E01) In our very first interview of Season 4, we're starting 2021 like a Zagreus out of hell. This episode features Audio Director of Supergiant Games, Darren Korb where he tells us more about the game audio of their recent hit game, HADES. Sam chats to Darren about his career

The Last of Us Part II Special – Rob Krekel, Audio Lead

naughty dog audio director

(TSAP S03E15) For those of you who don't know, The Last of Us has a very special place in our hearts. 7 years ago, our VERY FIRST episode of The Sound Architect Podcast, was with Audio Lead on TLOU1 - Phillip Kovats. So, 7 years later when Sam got to

Krotos’ Matt Collings “Concept” Interview

(TSAP S03E11) Sam catches up with Matt Collings of Krotos, to discuss their latest release, Concept!  Special thanks to Callum Tennick for editing. Like what you hear? Why not drop us a quick review on Podchaser! Want to sponsor an episode? E-mail Sam at for your sponsorship to be read out on the podcast.   "Concept

Composer/Producer/Sound Designer – Cody Matthew Johnson Interview

(TSAP S03E07) Sam speaks to Cody Matthew Johnson about working on Devil May Cry 5 & Resident Evil 2 as well as his other projects, motivation and inspiration, plus his career path and more!  Like what you hear? Why not drop us a quick review on Podchaser! Want to sponsor an episode? E-mail

Adam Pleiman, Creative Director- Gwynne Sound

(TSAP S3E04) Sam Hughes speaks with Adam Pleiman about how his career, inspirations, workflow and more!       Special Thanks to Callum Tennick for Editing Want to sponsor an episode? E-mail Sam at for your sponsorship to be read out on the podcast.   Adam a sonic strategist & creative director, this combination of talents has

Interview with Scott Gershin at Develop: Brighton 2019

3 days on the beach, tonnes of amazing talks on various different disciplines of game design, from art to programming, and our very favourite: audio. To make things even better, we've been lucky to interview the charismatic Scott Gershin about his time as a sound designer, working on films and

The Last of Us Interview with Phillip Kovats!

  Interview with Phillip Kovats, Naughty Dog'sAudio Lead for "The Last of Us" Here are different versions of our interview with the legendary Phillip Kovats,  Naughty Dog's Audio Lead for The Last of Us. Also known for his work on the Uncharted and God of War series. He was a great guy to