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Dehumaniser Anouncement!


We are proud to announce that we are sponsored by Krotos, makers of Dehumaniser II!

Many thanks to everyone over there for their support, here’s some info on the NEW features of their recent release Dehumaniser II

Dehumaniser II, the popular creature sound design software used in Disney‘s The Jungle Book and James Wan’s The Conjuring 2, has been updated with new features and vocal processing capabilities.

Some new features include:

  • Sampler Trigger Module
  • Magpie Samples Collection
  • 10 all new presets
  • Improved latency compensation for all modules
  • Updated user interface

Sampler Trigger, the new module, includes threshold-based triggering, built-in convolution, and forward/reverse playback. This is ideal for sound designers looking to test, preview and process specific audio samples before merging them into their larger project. Through the reverse playback functionality, a whole new world of design and audio is open to users, instantly doubling any existing sound library. Combined with Sampler Trigger’s vari-speed playback and automation, a whole new range of sounds can be achieved using Dehumaniser II.

The Magpie Samples Collection is an exciting addition to the factory sample library. Recorded in New South Wales, Australia, this contains 25 recordings of various magpie calls recorded with fantastic clarity and quality.

Check out the new ‘Mr Magpie’ and ‘Mrs Magpie’ presets, included in this update, for inspiration on how they can be used.

These are in addition to all the original features of Dehumaniser II, including:
  • VST/AU/AAX plugin format
  • Modular user interface
  • Completely redesigned sound engine
  • iLok compatibility
Dehumaniser II, the new generation of the acclaimed vocal-processing software, is available now for £449 from






Big Thanks again to Dehumaniser II and let us know your experiences of using the software! If you’re also interested in sponsoring The Sound Architect, get in touch HERE and we will send you more info!

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