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Interview with Voiceover Director and Composer, Amanda Rose Smith

Last year, Sam spoke with renowned voiceover director and composer, Amanda Rose Smith. They discuss her career so far, her approaches to VO and music, as well as the current state of the audio industry for women and more!

Amanda was originally musically self taught but continued on to graduate from Smith College with a degree in Classical Composition and New York University  with a Masters in Music Technology.

During her time at NYU, Amanda studied under Deniz Hughes (Orchestrator, Interview with a Vampire), Ira Newborn (Composer, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Naked Gun) and Mark Snow (Composer, Xfiles, Smallville).  Both her music and sound work have won awards in various independent film festivals and game awards cermonies across the country. She has also recorded, directed, and edited numerous Audie nominated and winning audiobooks.

Listen to the full interview below:







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