Ghost of Tsushima Audio Director, Rev. Dr Bradley Meyer (Sucker Punch Productions)

(TSAP S04E02) In this episode, Sam is joined by Sucker Punch Productions Audio Director, Rev. Dr Bradley Meyer to chat about the audio for Ghost of Tsushima. They discuss the soundscapes of the environments, the detail in the Foley, voiceover, dynamic systems, creating authentic sounds for the world of 13th Century

Interview with Tomb Raider Composer, Nathan McCree

Sam Hughes speaks to composer and audio director, Nathan McCree. Nathan McCree is a composer and sound designer with twenty four years professional experience composing music and designing sound effects for computer games with over sixty published titles to his credit. A member of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers

Interview with Dying Light’s Audio Director, Pawel Blaszczak

Fallback Image

The Sound Architect™ catches up with Pawel Blaszczak, Audio Director of the highly anticipated Dying Light!  Pawel Blaszczak is a soundtrack composer for videogames and movies. His first compositions were created on Commodore 64. Since 1997 he’s been composing videogame soundtracks professionally. His work includes music for Dead Island, Call of Juarez