Sound Forge Pro 12 Review

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Review by Katie Tarrant Developer: MAGIX INTRODUCTION Sound Forge Pro 12 is an audio waveform editor originally developed by Sony, but was acquired by MAGIX in 2016. Since its acquisition, MAGIX have now released the biggest update to Sound Forge Pro in over 25 years ago. As suggested by the name, Sound Forge

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Alex Jones Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 is an audio editing program that allows you to do record, edit, convert, process, export and much more. Available in full 64-bit functionality, Audio Studio 12 enables you to work with audio in 32 bit/384 kHz studio quality, and

iZotope RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor Review


Review by Sam Hughes Developer: iZotope Reviewed on: Windows 10 PC We've all heard of the black magic that is iZotope RX5. All those years as sound designers, amongst many other audio professionals, telling people "No we can't do that, that's impossible!". Well RX has been constantly reducing the amount of truth to that