Edinburgh Game Symposium: The AWEdio Jam 2016 Review

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Reviewed by Willy McCarter Edited by Sam Hughes Organiser: Edinburgh Game Symposium. Hosts: Luci Holland & Sam Hughes. Guest Speakers: Will Morton, John Broomhall, Helge Borgarts. Venue: Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh; Oct. 21st-23rd. Sponsors: Creative Scotland, Krotos Audio, Red Dog Music, Focusrite, Novation Partners: New Media Scotland, We Throw Switches, IGDA Scotland, The Sound Architect, Solid Audioworks, The University of Edinburgh/Edinburgh College

Edinburgh Game Symposium PRESS PLAY DUNDEE Review

Back in August, Julian Surma visited Dundee for the Edinburgh Game Symposium. Apologies for the delay but here are his thoughts on the event! After attending the Edinburgh Game Symposium last August, I knew that the trip up to Caird Hall Dundee, to their fourth annual symposium, entitled ‘PRESS PLAY’, was