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The Hitman Entered into Virgin Media Shorts Competition!

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Short Film “The Hitman” has been entered into the Virgin Media Shorts Competition!

This brilliant short black comedy is well worth a watch especially at only 2:20 mins long!

“It is time for Eddie to stand up and be a man. With barely a ten pound note to his name, Eddie has decided it is time to find himself a career. He is going to become a Hitman. Thankfully, Eddie’s mate Ryan is on hand, to offer him some sound advice on why to avoid it. Despite Ryan’s best efforts, Eddie is determined to follow his new career choice. Having chosen such a taboo occupation, Eddie is naturally aware of the surroundings in which he has decided to discuss with Ryan. Yet he decides to pursue the conversation in a public place, simply making sure there isn’t anyone listening… or is there?

Fantastic film to work on, all sound design and mixing by The Sound Architect!

Watch below:




The Sound Architect



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Sam Hughes
Sound designer, voice actor, musician and beyond who just has a big passion for conversations, knowledge sharing, connecting people and bringing some positivity into the world.

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