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Game Music Remix Label ‘GameLark’ Releases ‘Mog’s Mixtape’, A Final Fantasy Remix Album

Game music remix label ‘GameLark‘ has just released a two disc tribute album called ‘Mog’s Mixtape‘ which is based on the Final Fantasy series. The album covers every numbered Final Fantasy entry plus Final Fantasy Tactics, featuring beautiful artwork, and over 30 artists creating over 2 hours of music.

The track listing is as follows:

Disc 1
01. Epitaph (Final Fantasy VI)
02. Fight with Seymour (Final Fantasy X)
03. Breezy (Final Fantasy VIII)
04. Theme of Ul’dah, Gridania, & Limsa Lominsa (Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzan Frontiers)
05. Battle at the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V)
06. Desert Land (Final Fantasy Tactics)
07. Theme of Love (Final Fantasy IV)
08. Chocobo Theme (Final Fantasy II)
09. Battle 2 (Final Fantasy IV)
10. The Landing (Final Fantasy VIII)
11. Memoria (Final Fantasy IX)
12. A Place to Call Home (Final Fantasy IX)
13. Battle (Final Fantasy VI)
14. Eruyt Village (Final Fantasy XII)
15. A Contest of Aeons (Final Fantasy X)
16. The Sunleth Waterscape (Final Fantasy XIII)
17. Prelude (Final Fantasy II)
Disc 2
01. In the Garden Sleeps a Messenger (“The Castle” from Final Fantasy VIII)
02. Silverhook Shodwdown (“Bucaneers” from Final Fantasy XI
03. Birth of a God (Final Fantasy VII)
04. Terra’s Theme (Final Fantasy VI)
05. Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy Tactics)
06. Within the Beast (“Within the Giant” from Final Fantasy IV)
07. Shattering Shards (“Crystal Cave” from Final Fantasy III)
08. Battle 1 (Fanfare) (Final Fantasy III)
09. Anti-Wither (“Blitz-Off!” from Final Fantasy X)
10. Despair (Memoro de la Ŝtono (Final Fantasy XI)
11. Listen to the Cries of the Planet (Final Fantasy VII)
12. The Possessed King (“Deception” from Final Fantasy V)
13. One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII)
14. Against the Wind (Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward)
15. Game Over (Final Fantasy)


Mog’s Mixtape is fully licensed and available from iTunes and Spotify.
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