Connecting With Audiences as an Emerging Musician: A Guide

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It goes without saying, but as an emerging artist in any capacity, you want to do what you can to engage and converse with your audiences effectively. While it can initially seem a daunting prospect, there are ways that you can go about it. Suppose you are in a position where

Ron Arad’s Curtain Call Review

Hailing from Israel, Ron Arad is an architecture, industrial designer and artist who has led an illustrious career spanning multiple countries. His latest installation is placed at London’s beloved Roundhouse, taking advantage of the venue’s spherical layout. It has in fact featured at Roundhouse before in 2011, but this time

Interview with Christopher Emerson!

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That's right everyone! Talented actor and voice artist Christopher Emerson has agreed to answer some questions for us! Most recently known for his voice for Piers Nivans in the video-game Resident Evil 6, Christopher has appeared in numerous roles over the years. We're looking forward to asking him some questions, do you want