Joris Daniel Hoogsteder – From Assistant to Co-Composer: A Perspective

Many thanks to composer, Joris Daniel Hoogsteder, for submitting this guest article, where Joris discusses how to be a great composing assistant and working your up in the world of music composition. Joris has composed music for video games, films, commercials, musical theatre, and has produced various pop songs. Currently,

Soundtrack Cologne 2017 Composer Interviews

Apologies for the HUGE delay but here are the interviews from last year's Soundtrack Cologne (2017). At Soundtrack Cologne last year, Hazel Turnbull caught up with various awesome composers all assembled in Cologne for the prestigious event. Check them out below: Lesley Barber A 2016 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences initiate, film

Will Morton: The Audio Team and the Art Team – Best Friends Forever

Article by Will Morton Edited by Sam Hughes In this guest article from Audio Production Company, Solid Audiowoks' Composer/Sound Designer Will Morton, Will discusses why the Art Team are the Audio Teams best friend when delivering high quality voice performances, and how both departments influence and collaborate with each other. Read

Final Fantasy 7 Symphony Breakdown with Composer/Arranger Jonne Valtonen

In a very special edition of our podcast, host Sam Hughes is joined by guest Co-Host Thomas Quillfeldt to discuss with Composer/Arranger, Jonne Valtonen about his Final Fantasy 7 Symphony and breaking it down into its core components. They discuss Jonne's motives, techniques and go into great detail of specific sections


Guest Article by Julian Surma Edited by Sam Hughes A guest article by student, Julian Surma, after his visit to the Edinburgh Game Symposium - Proto-Play Edition co-directed by Video game composers, Luci Holland and Jacob Pernell. Find out what he thought of the event's third year, and first appearance in Dundee.  Normally the prospect