HADES Special with Audio Director Darren Korb – Supergiant Games

(TSAP S04E01) In our very first interview of Season 4, we're starting 2021 like a Zagreus out of hell. This episode features Audio Director of Supergiant Games, Darren Korb where he tells us more about the game audio of their recent hit game, HADES. Sam chats to Darren about his career

Tooth and Tail – Game Audio Review

Tooth and Tail Review by Jake Basten Edited by Tom Garner Developer: Pocketwatch Games Composer: Austin Wintory (and friends) Sound Design: Power Up Audio Reviewed on: PC 3.2GHz Intel 5 Tooth and Tail from Pocketwatch Games is a super quick real-time strategy game, featuring a raucous and folksy soundtrack from Austin Wintory and superb sound effects

Pyre – Game Audio Review


Article by Jake Basten Edited by Alyx Jones Developer: Supergiant Games Audio Director & Composer: Darren Korb Reviewed on: PC 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 Following Bastion and Transistor, Supergiant Games’ third game, Pyre, is an unexpected change of direction for the well-respected indie studio. In Pyre, you are a 'Reader' - one of the