Ludomusicology: An Interview with Dr. Melanie Fritsch

image of dr. melanie fritsch ludomusicologist

In a Sound Architect first Dr. Melanie Fritsch gives us an introduction to the weird and wonderful world of Ludomusicology: the study of music in video games. As an avid gamer from childhood and later with an academic background in Performance Studies and Musicology, Melanie became familiar with the field

The Science Behind Sound: Fear

Article by Dr. Tom Garner Edited by Sam Hughes For many developers, evoking player emotion is an important goal. Of all the shades on the emotional spectrum, fear stands as the easiest to do but the most difficult to do really well. If fear were in a band it would be the

Sam’s PhD Blog #1


For those of you who don't know, our founder, Sam Hughes, is currently undertaking a PhD in Affect and Emotion Using Immersive Sound Design in Intelligent Games at the University of York, funded by IGGI (Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence). If you are interested in his research at all, he