Western Black Powder Guns – Sound Designer, Barney Oram

Barney Oram Western Black Powder Guns

(TSAP S04E03) Sam chats with Barney Oram, sound designer at Sweet Justice Sound, about his recent sound library, Western Black Powder Guns. They discuss everything about the sound library process; from prep and gear management, all the way to post processing and price. Barney also shares his learnings from making his

Tomb Raider: Dark Angel Symphony Interview with Peter Connelly

Sam Hughes speaks with composer Peter Connelly. Peter’s career within the video games industry started out in 1995 and he has since been employed at various levels of expertise including Music Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Lead and Audio Manager. His musical and sound engineering background spans 4 decades, composing soundtracks

Soundtrack Cologne 2017: Highlights!

Soundtrack Cologne (or STC for short) is an annual event celebrating and encouraging the creation of music and sound for visual media. Spanning several days, the conference includes talks and workshops with industry professionals, and each day of the conference is dedicated to a specific field of media (film, television,

GameSoundCon 2017 – Call for Speakers!

How would you like to speak at one of the leading game audio conferences? GameSoundCon is currently seeking music and audio experts for panels and presentations at its event! GameSoundCon, the premier conference for video game music and sound design, is lining up speakers for GameSoundCon 2017 on November 7 and 8 in