Krotos Igniter & Sound Design Bundle 2 Review

Review by Jake BastenEdited by Sam HughesDeveloper: Krotos Audio Krotos Audio recently released their Sound Design Bundle 2, featuring all of their best tools in one package. Their most recent release Igniter (Full Tank edition), a tool and library for vehicle sound design, is included in this bundle as well as

Impact Soundworks makes meditative musical moods perfectly possible with aptly-titled VI release

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Audio software creator Impact Soundworks has released Mediation Mediation — a collection of acoustic mallet, gong, and glass sounds, creatively combined with a Kontakt -based additive synthesizer allowing users to craft a variety of evolving and subtle tones, perfect for film scoring applications alongside ambient and atmospheric music creation. Mediation is a

British manufacturer Audient Announces New Audio Interface: iD44

The iD44, a new USB audio interface from Audient The iD44: Four Audient Class-A console mic pres offering 60 db of gain, all new class-leading converter technology, options for digital expansion, new intuitive, mix-focussed software specifically designed for ease of use when managing large sessions, an impressive potential I/O of 20in /

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Alex Jones Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 is an audio editing program that allows you to do record, edit, convert, process, export and much more. Available in full 64-bit functionality, Audio Studio 12 enables you to work with audio in 32 bit/384 kHz studio quality, and

Embertone Solo Strings Bundle: An In-Depth Tutorial and Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes For my debut product library review, I take a look at Embertone's Intimate Solo Strings Bundle, providing an in-depth tutorial and summary of my thoughts so far. WHAT IS IT? The Solo Strings Bundle (or Intimate Strings Solo) is a collection of solo string instruments developed by a company called Embertone. Founded by