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Interview with MAFIA III & Walking Dead VO, Alex Hernandez

Mafia III Alex Hernandez

Sam Hughes speaks with actor, Alex Hernandez, about his work on Mafia III, Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 and more! Alex’s full bio is also fantastic:

“Alex Hernandez is a grown man who plays pretend in the dark. He’d list his credits for you, but then what good is his resume? He’d rather discuss rock climbing, racial politics or which apocalypse will ultimately consume civilization (his bet is on water shortage induced class warfare). Check him out on instagram at alexandhern or in your pantry stealing peanut butter.”

Listen Here:

You can also read our Mafia III Game Audio Review by OUR Alex!

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Sam Hughes
Sound designer and voice actor who has worked on various media titles over the years. Always believing in audio, I try to share the wealth of knowledge from my colleagues and veterans of the industry to help audiophiles grow and evolve as a community.

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