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Dolby Atmos Support Coming To BT’s YouView TV Service

BT has announced it’s plans to transform it’s YouView TV service to include new features such as the award-winning Dolby Atmos sound technology. From early 2017, BT plans to be the first UK broadcaster to introduce Dolby Atmos to select sports events. Combined with 4K UHD support, this will allow customers to experience their most thrilling football matches as though they were in the stadium.

The update is said to be rolling out over the coming months, and will be available at no extra cost with BT TV’s Total Entertainment Pack.

With more upcoming Atmos support, will you be investing in a home Atmos system? Join the discussion in the comments!

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Callum Tennick
Callum is the co-founder of the sound effects collection company, noisecreations. Lover of film and games. Edits The Sound Architect podcast.

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