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Emi Evans Collaborates with Artifex Mundi on My Brother Rabbit Score

artwork cover for the song dreams

Dark Souls and Nier: Automata singer performs on the song ‘Dreams’ from the game’s OST

Emi Evans has lent her vocal talents to a new puzzle adventure game, My Brother Rabbit, developed by Polish developer Artifex Mundi. The singer worked with the company’s resident composer Arkadiusz Reikowski to produce the song Dreams after she became enchanted with the story behind the game:

When I read the story about My Brother Rabbit it really connected with me. I spent lots of my childhood making up imaginary games, and the piece composed by Arkadiusz is really haunting, but also simple in the most wonderful way possible.”

My Brother Rabbit is a game which communicates almost entirely without words, relying instead on using music to convey meaning, an approach which allowed Emi to showcase her unique process to lyric writing and singing. For Dreams she wrote and performed the lyrics based on several languages including Norwegian and bits of Sumerian:

For My Brother Rabbit, I wanted to use a language that had died out as well,” says Emi. “If I’m making different sounds that my mouth is not really used to making, I find other parts of my brain start buzzing and that is also part of my inspiration”.

You can hear more about Emi’s experience with My Brother Rabbit in this short documentary on YouTube where she recounts the project alongside composer Arkadiusz.

My Brother Rabbit is out today, September 21st on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The song Dreams is available for free on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube, soon on Spotify and iTunes.


Dreams on Bandcamp

Emi Evans Twitter

Artifex Mundi Official

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