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GDC 2018 – Audio Round Up!


Article by Matthew Miller

Edited by Alyx Jones

GDC 2018 has now come and gone. This year the conference celebrated a record attendance of 28,000 attendees at The Moscone Centre, San Francisco, across many disciplines, from programming to game design, but most importantly for us: audio! 2019 has already been announced, so time to start saving! This was my fourth time making the annual pilgrimage to San Francisco, but my first GDC to have an All Access Pass, allowing me to explore a number of disciplines within the industry. My first GDC was back in 2015, and although I’d been working in audio for many years, I was brand new to the industry and eager to learn all that I could about game audio. Now that I’m working in the industry, I was feeling compelled to use this trip to thank the many folks who have been so welcoming and supportive of me since the beginning, and also bring that same spirit of generosity to welcome those who were making their way to the conference for the first time.

I kept a day-by-day blog of my time at GDC 2018 and hope that you can take away some gems from my roundup, even if you couldn’t make it personally…or maybe you just want to relive the amazing time you had!






Well that’s it for GDC 2018 but if you want to catch up on anything you missed out on, GDC release a lot of slides from the talks and videos (some free, some members only), that are totally worth checking out here and I don’t know about you, but I’m already looking forward to next year.

GDC release a lot of slides from the talks and videos (some free some members only), that are totally worth checking out here





GDC Vault





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