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Interview with Scott Gershin at Develop: Brighton 2019

3 days on the beach, tonnes of amazing talks on various different disciplines of game design, from art to programming, and our very favourite: audio. To make things even better, we’ve been lucky to interview the charismatic Scott Gershin about his time as a sound designer, working on films and games.

Scott has worked on over 100 films and received 26 industry nominations, including a BAFTA Award nomination, for his work on American Beauty, Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, and Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler. He has created the sound for blockbuster gaming titles such as Resident EvilGears of War, and Fable, and more recently helped out on id Software’s Doom.

Check out our full interview below with Scott, at Develop: Brighton 2019, ahead of his talk on the audio track, on Thursday:

Alyx Jones interview Scott Gershin at Develop: Brighton 2019

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Alyx Jones
As Head Writer for The Sound Architect, Alyx is responsible for game audio reviews and event coverage. She is also founder of Silver Script Games, as well as having an extensive background in game audio, having worked on titles such as Elden Ring, Final Fantasy VII and Borderlands 3. You can always spot her flash of pink hair!

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