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Sumthing Else Music Works Release Volume Two Of ‘WildStar’s’ Soundtrack

The award winning record label dedicated to releasing video game soundtracks ‘Sumthing Else Music Works‘ has released volume two of the original soundtrack for the free-to-play MMORPG, Wildstar. Composed by Jeff Kurtenacker, volume two of the games soundtrack features several never before heard compositions and is available for digital download, and on streaming services.

“The new tracks are narrative depictions of the Chua, Cassians, and Aurin, and musically tell the story of each faction’s homeworld and background before arriving on Nexus. It’s an exciting addition to the in-game music selections for Volume 2 since these are longer tracks that dive deep into the lore of the WildStar universe.”

The album is available for preview at

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Callum Tennick
Callum is the co-founder of the sound effects collection company, noisecreations. Lover of film and games. Edits The Sound Architect podcast.

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