3 Potential Revenue Streams for Musical Artists and Composers

Making a living as an artist or composer is often difficult and comes with a lot of uncertainty. However, many who have musical talent tend to forget how valuable it can be in the marketplace. There are tons of ways for composers to earn a steady income. But, in order

Granulate 2: A Product Review

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Fracture Sounds / Will Bedford Reviewed on: Kontakt 5.5 / Mac / Logic Pro 9.1.8   Granulate 2 is a reboot from Fracture Sounds, with many new features added that were sought after in 1.0. It is an audio manipulation engine for use with Kontakt 5, that allows for powerful

Develop in Brighton 2014

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Sam Hughes of The Sound Architect visited the fantastic Develop in Brighton Conference  8-10th July 2014.  For those of you unaware of Develop it is a fantastic conference between gaming professionals of all areas, where there is a fantastic array of talks to go to as well as great exhibits to

Game Music Connect 2013 Follow Up

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  The Sound Architect speaks with fantastic composers John Broomhall and James Hannigan, following their highly successful event Game Music Connect 2013 in London. You can read our interview with them before hand here, Game Music Connect: Interview with John Broomhall and James Hannigan, as well as our article on the event here, Game