ACID Pro 8.0 Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Introduction ACID Pro 8.0 is a DAW targeted at music creators and producers that thrives on loop-based experimentation and production. In need of an upgrade since its initial creation, MAGIX have given ACID a much needed makeover, with a sleeker design, the addition of a

Sound Forge Pro 12 Review

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Review by Katie Tarrant Developer: MAGIX INTRODUCTION Sound Forge Pro 12 is an audio waveform editor originally developed by Sony, but was acquired by MAGIX in 2016. Since its acquisition, MAGIX have now released the biggest update to Sound Forge Pro in over 25 years ago. As suggested by the name, Sound Forge

Weaponiser by Krotos Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Krotos Audio Weapons is something that a lot of audio designers love, but not all of us know how to make. They are one of the most prominent sounds throughout the media industry, and one of the sounds that many of us rely on

Sample Magic – Magic AB Plugin V2

Magic AB Interface

  Review by Matthew Kilford Edited by Jake Basten Price: £49.95 Developer: Sample Magic Reviewed: Mac OSX High Sierra Referencing… We all do it… or so I thought. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a tonne of composers/musicians these past 12 months at various events and when we do start to mingle, it’s not long before “Composer

iZotope O8N2 Bundle Review

  Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Jake Basten Founded in 2001, iZotope are one of the biggest and most respected names in the audio industry. Specialising in all facets of audio recording and production, iZotope make some of the most comprehensive and transparent software I have ever used, and have products that

Fracture Sounds – Tiny Music Box Review

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Introduction Fracture Sounds is a company founded and run by composer and programmer Will Bedford. His previous releases include Granulate 2, Singing Bowl, Dream Zither and Water Glass. Now we have the Tiny Music Box; a quaint and wonderfully crafted music box VST. One thing I enjoy about Fracture Sounds is

Voxpat 2 by Digital Brain Instruments Review

Article by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes WHAT IS IT? Voxpat 2 is the second rendition of the real-time voice generator from Digital Brain Instruments. Currently a small company making a big impact, Digital Brain Instruments specialise in crafting interactive audio tools targeted at sound designers, musicians, developers and the like. Visually, Voxpat 2 has only

The Cloud: An EastWest ComposerCloud Review

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Sounds Online/East West Composer: Andrew Overfield Reviewed on: Mac / Logic Pro 9 You don’t get much bigger than EastWest when it comes to virtual instrument production, and as one of the market leaders an innovators for the last 27 years it’s not hard to see why. At the

Dehumaniser Review

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The Sound Architect was fortunate enough to try out Dehumaniser from Orfeas Boteas at Krotos Ltd. The concept of Dehumaniser is a real time voice changing software that will enable to use either presets or your own settings to create a monstrous voice while recording voice or after it is recorded. Sam Hughes has