The VoiceOver Network: Get Your Game On 2017

Introduction On Friday 28th April, for the second year running, The VoiceOver Network conducted their Get Your Game On event; an opportunity for voice actors, developers, producers, audio designers and much more to get together and mutually appreciate the art of voice over. Founded by Rachael Naylor, The VoiceOver Network is the

Interview with Silas Hite

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The Sound Architect interviews fantastic composer Silas Hite! Silas has worked on various media formats including Films, TV and Games. His talented compositions appear on Skate 3, The Simpsons Videogame, TV series Shaggy and Scooby Doo Get a Clue, various commercials and many many more. We talk to Silas about his career, his process

Loads of News!

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Hi Everyone! Just to keep you updated of all The Sound Architect activity, we've got lots cool stuff going on at the moment. We have many interviews including amazingly talents such as Joan Baker, Fryda Wolff, Christopher Emerson, Erica Risburg, Robin Beanland, Grant Kirkhope and Cheryl Tipp! You can send in your questions

Interview with Christopher Emerson!

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That's right everyone! Talented actor and voice artist Christopher Emerson has agreed to answer some questions for us! Most recently known for his voice for Piers Nivans in the video-game Resident Evil 6, Christopher has appeared in numerous roles over the years. We're looking forward to asking him some questions, do you want