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ThinkSpace Education Launches World’s First Online Game Music and Sound Design Master’s Degree Progams


Thinkspace has announced the first online game music and sound design master’s programs!

You can enroll now for Composing for Video Games (MA), Sound Design for Video Games (MA), Game Music and Audio (MFA) postgraduate degree programs starting in September 2016.



ThinkSpace Education, a leading online music school specializing in composing for film, video games and television, in partnership with the University of Chichester, today announced the launch of three groundbreaking new master’s degree programs: Composing for Video Games (Master of Arts), Sound Design for Video Games (Master of Arts) and Game Music and Audio (Master of Fine Art)*.

Commencing this September, ThinkSpace Education courses are the first online master’s degree programs focusing on the field of game music and sound design. Enrollment is now open to postgraduate students at In consultation with leading industry professionals, ThinkSpace have developed a suite of online postgraduate courses to prepare sound designers and composers with the real-world creative and technical skills that future employers are looking for. Thinkspace Education is the only school staffed and tutored exclusively by professional working composers and sound designers, with video game franchise credits including ASSASSIN’S CREED, BIOSHOCK, DRAGON AGE, FALLOUT, MASS EFFECT, TOMB RAIDER and many more.

ThinkSpace Education’s partner institution, the University of Chichester also has close links with the games community and the program liaison tutor Dr Stephen Baystead has a long list of credits as a top game composer (NEED FOR SPEED, PROJECT CARS and many more) as well as audio director at Slightly Mad Studios. Closing the gap between academia and the real-world of game music and sound, ThinkSpace Education courses provide personal 1-to-1 tuition from top professional composers and sound designers; work on a wide range of games including commercial releases; detailed feedback from a range of tutors, online workshops and tutorial groups, forum discussions and exclusive webinars.

Guy Michelmore, ThinkSpace Education’s course director and an EMMY nominated film, games and television composer, commented,

“There are plenty of music and sound production schools yet, despite increasing interest in video game soundtracks, almost none who specialize in game music and audio. We’re excited to offer the first online master’s degrees in composing and sound design for video games.”


Composing for Video Games MA (12-months full-time / 2 or 3 years part-time)

Composing for games is one of the most exciting and innovative areas of media composition. Composing for Video Games MA will bring you the real-world professional tuition you need to lay the solid foundations of a career composing music for video games. As well as developing as a composer, producing professional quality mock-ups, you will learn game technology and how to implement your music interactively inside the game using industry standard middleware. The master’s program is designed in consultation with the industry to ensure that graduates have the required skillsets to enter this extremely competitive but rapidly expanding area of the media music business.

Sound Design for Video Games MA (12-months full-time / 2 or 3 years part-time)

Sound is a crucial element in the success of any game, but good sound takes a great deal of creative and technical skill. The master’s course has been designed in consultation with top industry audio professionals, to equip students with the technical, creative and team-oriented skills to work as sound designers in video games. You will learn creative audio techniques from location recording to working with dialogue and sound effects libraries, creating your own sounds and shaping your sounds inside a DAW using plugins and other techniques. You will learn not only how to create inspiring interactive sound but also how to implement your audio inside the game using industry standard middleware.

Game Music and Audio MFA (24-months full-time / 2 or 3 years part-time)

For those who want the ultimate preparation for a career in game audio, this is a longer course that covers all the material included in the other two courses. The master’s degree in Game Music and Audio has been developed in close consultation with the industry to ensure you are learning the skills the industry requires.

Online Open Day

ThinkSpace holds online webinar sessions to meet the team, gain an insight into what postgraduate students will need to succeed in the business and to learn how these master’s degrees can help you.

For more information on induction events, the faculty team, modules, course fees and application requirements, please visit

*Subject to approval by the University of Chichester.

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