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We’re Taking a Short Break

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Hey everyone,

Due to life changes and commitments I’ve decided to put The Sound Architect on hold and take a break until further notice.

It’s been an awesome 9 years so far and I have no plans to give it up completely at the moment, this break is just a smart move right now. The community and guests have been fantastic and it’s been so rewarding!

However, this is all done out of passion and is purely voluntary. I thank everyone who has also volunteered their time over the years, I couldn’t have continued this long without you already.

I love hosting the podcast and running the site, but at the moment I really have to focus on myself and other commitments. I would rather be able to give you the best of what we can do, rather than it deteriorate due to the lack of attention it receives.

I’m hoping to pick it up again some time in the new year all being well. I thank everyone for their continued support and patience, catch you soon!

We’ll be back.

Sam Hughes

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Sam Hughes
Sound designer, voice actor, musician and beyond who just has a big passion for conversations, knowledge sharing, connecting people and bringing some positivity into the world.

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