We’re Taking a Short Break

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Hey everyone, Due to life changes and commitments I've decided to put The Sound Architect on hold and take a break until further notice. It's been an awesome 9 years so far and I have no plans to give it up completely at the moment, this break is just a smart move

Audient ID44 Review

Review by Matthew Kilford Edited by Sam Hughes Price: £499 Developer: Audient Reviewed on: Mac OSX High Sierra Audient ID44 https://youtu.be/V9Mdw8eCJWs You wait for an age, and then suddenly two audio interfaces come along at once.  A few months ago I got to review the stoic RME Babyface Pro audio interface, and as an owner of an Audient ID22, it

Spitfire Chamber Strings Review

Review by Jordan Killiard Edited by Sam Dudley Price: £599 inc. vat Developer: Spitfire Audio Spitfire Chamber Strings has risen out of the ashes of Spitfire’s original Sable series. Released back in 2013, Sable was a modular library beginning Spitfire’s British Modular Library (BML) series, released in five volumes, including specially created ensemble

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Game Audio Review

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Jake Basten Developer: Team Ninja Publisher: Square Enix / Koei Temco Composer(s): Takeharu Ishimoto / Keiji Kawamori / Tsuyoshi Sekito Audio Lead & Design: Takashi Yoshida Reviewed on: PS4 (Beta & Release) For the best part of 20 years I've been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, and I mean

Sample Magic – Magic AB Plugin V2

Magic AB Interface

  Review by Matthew Kilford Edited by Jake Basten Price: £49.95 Developer: Sample Magic Reviewed: Mac OSX High Sierra Referencing… We all do it… or so I thought. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a tonne of composers/musicians these past 12 months at various events and when we do start to mingle, it’s not long before “Composer

Umlaut Audio Motors Review

Review by Jordan Killiard Edited by Katie Tarrant Price: $99 US Developer:  Umlaut Audio Reviewed on: Mac Pro 5.1 Back in June 2017, I reviewed Umlaut Audio's uBeat bundle. I liked its customisable features and how it encouraged you to make the supplied pads and loops your own through use of FX. Now Umlaut Audio

Marvel’s The Defenders – A Netflix Exclusive – Audio Review

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Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Distributor: Netflix Studio: Marvel Television Composer: John Paesano Sound Designer: Jordan Wilby Supervising Sound Editor: Lauren Stephens Reviewed on: Netflix Once again your resident unofficial superhero content reviewer is back after a brief hiatus. I’m coming back to you with a review of Marvel’s The Defenders. A Netflix exclusive series

Krotos Reformer Review

Review by Jordan Killiard Edited by Katie Tarrant Price: Free sample download with paid add-ons Developer: Krotos Reviewed on: Pro Tools on Mac Pro Most of our readers will be aware of the name Krotos, due largely to the success of the Edinburgh based company’s monster-making tool Dehumaniser (see our review here). Well, Krotos

Umlaut Audio uBeat Bundle Review

Review by Jordan Killiard Edited by Katie Tarrant Price: $199 US Developer:  Umlaut Audio Reviewed on: Mac Los Angeles based Umlaut Audio originally began creating custom Kontakt libraries for composers such as Danny Elfman, Harry Gregson-Williams and John Debney, but soon they started to offer commercial libraries to the masses. Their first commercial libraries Pads and Arps were very