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PLAY Expo Manchester Full Audio Stage Schedule

The weekend is almost upon us which means that PLAY Expo Manchester is finally here! We are so excited to be able to give you all a full two days of interviews, presentations, and live video game based music. Now that we have a full schedule announced, we figured it would be a good idea to have all of that information in one place, as well as the discount code to get 10% off your ticket price.


10:00 Introduction / Opening
11:00 Presentation: Ash Read – Eve: Valkyrie
12:00 Presentation: Simon Gumbleton – PlayStation VR Worlds
13:00 Interview: Voice Actor, Alix Wilton Regan – Dragon Age, Forza, Mass Effect, LBP3
13:45 Updated Frontier: Elite 2 Theme Reveal
14:00 Interview: Composer, David Housden – Thomas Was Alone
15:00 Presentation: Composer & Sound Designer, Matt Griffin – Unbox
16:00 Interactive Interview: Martin Stig Andersen – Limbo
17:00 Audio Panel: Adam Hay, David Housden, Matt Griffin

10:00 Introduction / Opening
11:00 Interview & Gameplay: Martin Stig Andersen – Limbo
12:00 Interview: Nathan McCree, Composer & Audio Designer
13:00 Presentation: Voice Actor, Jay Britton – Fragments of Him, Strife
13:45 Updated Frontier: Elite 2 Theme Reveal
14:00 Interview: Audio Designer, Adam Hay – Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
15:00 Live Music: Jon Hare & Guest – “A set of sensible hits and other old tat”
16:00 Audio Panel: Simon Gumbleton, Ash Read, David Housden
17:00 Live Music: EZXP


Use code thesoundarchitect or click the link below to get 10% off your ticket!

10% off at PLAY Expo Manchester

See you all soon!

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Callum Tennick
Callum is the co-founder of the sound effects collection company, noisecreations. Lover of film and games. Edits The Sound Architect podcast.

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