Fracture Sounds Release Woodchester Piano

New library developed in close collaboration with film and TV composer James Everingham Fracture Sounds' Woodchester Piano is the first in a new series of collaborations with composers and artists, bringing a range of virtual instruments. This library was produced in close collaboration with film and TV composer James Everingham, and

Sublevel Zero: Redux – Game Audio Review

Article by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Sigtrap Games Composer: Will Bedford Sound Design: Jey Kazi Reviewed on: PS4 Sublevel Zero Redux, hit consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One, on March 7th after its original success on Steam. The game is a first-person rogue-like, six-degree-of-freedom shooter, set in a universe where reality is

Granulate 2: A Product Review

Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Fracture Sounds / Will Bedford Reviewed on: Kontakt 5.5 / Mac / Logic Pro 9.1.8   Granulate 2 is a reboot from Fracture Sounds, with many new features added that were sought after in 1.0. It is an audio manipulation engine for use with Kontakt 5, that allows for powerful