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Things Sounding Good for God of War – BAFTA Game Nominations 2019

The BAFTA Games Awards 2019 nominations were released this morning at 11am over Twitch and Twitter Live Stream.

The ceremony, hosted by Dara O’Briain, takes place on Thursday 4 April at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on London’s Southbank and will be live streamed on all major social, online and gaming platforms:

The last year has seen some incredible games on our screens and more importantly, brought to our ears. It’s always exciting to hear new game music across many different genres from the big budget orchestral scores to new and innovative indie game soundtracks. Performers go from strength to strength, bringing us fresh characters, with depth and emotion. Of course there is the sought after Audio Achievement, heralding the hard work of the often hidden audio teams, behind studio doors and in dark and quiet rooms. Best of luck to everybody nominated.

This years audio nominations are as follows:

Audio Achievement

BATTLEFIELD V Development Team – EA Dice/Electronic Arts

DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN Guillaume de Fondaumière, David Cage, John O’Brien – Quantic Dream/Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

GOD OF WAR Mike Niederquell, Todd Piperi, Leilani Ramirez – Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN Paul Mudra, Phillip Kovats, Dwight Okahara – Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Development Team – Rockstar Games/Rockstar Games

TETRIS EFFECT Hydelic, Noboru Mutoh, Takako Ishida – Monstars Inc. and Resonair/Enhance, Inc.


CELESTE Lena Raine – Matt Makes Games Inc./Matt Makes Games Inc.

FAR CRY 5 Development Team – Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

FLORENCE Development Team – Mountains/Annapurna Interactive

GOD OF WAR Bear McCreary, Keith Leary, Peter Scaturro – Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

GRIS Development Team – Nomada Studios/Devolver Digitial

TETRIS EFFECT Hydelic, Noboru Mutoh, Takako Ishida – Monstars Inc. and Resonair/Enhance, Inc.


CHRISTOPHER JUDGE as Kratos in God of War

DANIELLE BISUTTI as Freya in God of War

JEREMY DAVIES as The Stranger in God of War

MELISSANTHI MAHUT as Kassandra of Sparta in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

ROGER CLARK as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2

SUNNY SULJIC as Atreus in God of War

That’s 6 incredible nominations for the God of War team, across every audio category. We’re also really pleased to see some smaller titles such as Florence, GRIS and Celeste getting the recognition they deserve and balancing out the table. It shows it really doesn’t matter what the size of your production team is, you can strive to be the best and be creative, whether you are a lone composer, working away in your studio, or a team of sound designers and programmers bouncing off each other at the office.


We’d love to know your thoughts on the nominations, who do you think will win? Which nominations are the most deserved?

You can tweet us at @SoundDesignUK or visit our Facebook page and let us know your opinion!

For a full list of nominations please visit:

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