Voice Artist, Carina Reeves (2014)

(TSAP S01E05) Another Season 1 Blast from the Past! In 2014, Sam chats with voice actress Carina Reeves about her career, advice on voice acting and more! "The Sound Architect speaks to the cheerful and bubbly professional voice actor Carina Bowers! We discuss her career so far and gain invaluable insight into

TSAP S02E03: Anthony Hales – Technical Director, Global Audio at SIDE, Pole To Win

Special Thanks to Callum Tennick for Editing Sam chats to Anthony Hales about the casting process, working on blockbuster video games, advice for actors auditioning for or recording at SIDE and more! Anthony Hales is Technical Director at SIDE and Pole to Win , which is an outsourcing company that

Lifting the hood on Voice Acting

Article by Jay Britton Edited by Sam Hughes Jay Britton, joins us for a guest article, where he lifts the hood on voice acting! Check it out: In recent years’ voice acting has become more and more prominent thanks to the expanse in animated TV series, films and the explosion of videogames thus making

Interview with Voice Artist, Jacob Burgess

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  Sam Hughes catches up with brilliant voice actor Jacob Burgess! They chat about his career so far, advice for new voice artists, the realistic side of voice acting and more! Listen to the full interview here: Interview with Jacob Burgess Jacob is a versatile voice backed by 5+ years of theatrical training and

More Interviews!

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We've got of cool interviews coming this way! Fryda Wolff, talented sound designer and voice artist, known for the likes of Everquest, Fallout:New Vegas, Alpha Protocol and many more, has agreed to answer questions for us. We also have many others coming up with talented Voice Artist Eric Risburg, Composer Grant Kirkhope,