Unbox Game Audio Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Prospect Games Composer/Sound Designer: Matt Griffin Reviewed on: PC INTRODUCTION There are many games that are individual and memorable for being so, but he indie game industry in particular is something that thrives of ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking. Well, no pun intended but out-of-the-box thinking is exactly

The Flame In The Flood Game Audio Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: The Molasses Flood Composer: Chuck Ragan Sound Designer: Pat Balthrop Reviewed on: PC INTRODUCTION Survival games are something many of us know and love. With more being released every year, there’s a growing pressure for developers to find new ways of reworking the survival concept in order to stand out from the

Why the Music to Undertale is Awesome!

Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Toby Fox Composer: Toby "Radiation" Fox Reviewed on: Mac (Steam) For those of you with malfunctioning indie radars, Undertale is the creation of one man game developer Toby Fox. It was released in September 2015, after being successfully funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2013. With an original

SUPERHOT Game Audio Review

Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: SUPERHOT Team Sound Design: Artur Walaszczyk Reviewed on: Playstation 4 SUPERHOT holds its modest beginnings as a game jam project, developed by a group of friends in August 2013. After releasing their initial project, they then managed to get Steam Greenlit in just 2 days and then took Kickstarter by storm,

Knee Deep Game Audio Review

Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Prologue Games Composers: Chris Wilson and Steve Pardo (Skewsound) Sound Designers: Nick Kallman and Dan Crislip (Skewsound) Voice Actors: Arielle DeLisle, Dan Osborne, George Washington III Reviewed on: Mac (Steam) Knee Deep is a very interesting swamp noir adventure, released in three acts. The game is focused around storytelling, giving the player choices

PS+ Game of the Month: Dragon Fin Soup

Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Grimm Bros Composer: Jade Leamcharaskul Sound Design: Randis Albion Reviewed on: Playstation 4 Dragon Fin Soup is a turn based RPG Game that takes inspiration from fairy tales such as Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood but doesn't retell the stories. It is the first game from indie studio Grimm Bros

Toby: The Secret Mine Game Audio Review

Review by Alyx Jones Developer: Lukas Navratil Composer: Matthew Steed Reviewed on: Mac (Steam) Alyx Jones audio reviews the puzzle-platformer, Toby: The Secret Mine. Read below to find out what she thinks of the game audio! Toby: The Secret Mine is a puzzle-platformer game with mild horror elements. It draws heavy inspiration from the game

Volume Game Audio Review

Review by Alyx Jones Edited by Sam Hughes Developer: Mike Bithell Composer: David Housden Voice Actors: Charlie McDonnell, Danny Wallace, Andy Serkis Reviewed On: Steam (Mac) Volume is a stealth based indie game developed by Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone). The game approaches the classic Robin Hood story from a futuristic approach. It takes a minimalist

Sym Game Audio Review

Review by Alyx Jones Developer: Atrax Games Composer: Giorgio Lanciai Reviewed on: Steam/Mac Sym is a complex puzzle-platformer developed by the small indie studio Atrax Games, based in Verona, Italy. It follows the themes of social anxiety in the form the characters Ammiel and Caleb, the light and the dark side of each other. Giorgio Lanciai

Paragon Audio Review

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New audio review on The Sound Architect! Sam Hughes reviews the upcoming indie game Paragon. Read the full review here: Panned Bouncy Balls in Paragon Enjoy! The Sound Architect //