iCON iKeyboard 8x Review

Review by: Jordan Killiard Edited by Katie Tarrant Price: £200 Developer: iCON Pro Audio Distributor: Synthax Audio Reviewed on: Cubase 9.5, Windows 10   The iCON iKeyboard 8x is a new addition to the most under-looked of composer's tools - the 88 key semi-weighted keyboard. There's not a lot of them out there and none seem to

Woodchester Piano Review

Review by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Fracture Sounds is a company founded and run by composer and programmer Will Bedford, who specialise in crafting virtual instruments and composer tools. Their previous releases include Granulate 2, Dream Zither, Tiny Music Box, and ARCO, and their latest release is Woodchester Piano. Woodchester Piano

Cinematic Studio Piano: A Sample Library Review

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 Review by Andrew Overfield Edited by Alyx Jones Developer: Cinematic Studio Series Composer: Andrew Overfield Sound Designer: Alex Wallbank Reviewed on: MacBook Pro 16GB DDR3 2.2GHz i7   Cinematic Studio Piano (CSP) joins the Cinematic Studio Series’ (CSS) lineup alongside Cinematic Studio Strings which I reviewed back in August. You can see this review -> HERE <-   Setup & Interface The installation is