Pro Sound Effects Releases The Odyssey Collection: Expanded

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Inspire creativity on any project with tasteful, big budget sounds from Pro Sound Effects' highest quality general library ever Odyssey Expanded, the second library in The Odyssey Collection following Odyssey Essentials, includes all of Odyssey Essentials and robustly expands Odyssey’s celebrated professional quality. Odyssey Expanded features 32,000 sounds from Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson’s private library drawing

Pro Sound Effects Releases European Capitals Library

Immersive surround city ambiences recorded by award-winning sound designer Ken Skoglund Pro Sound Effects®, has released European Capitals - a massive exclusive sound library featuring nearly 20 hours of surround urban ambience recordings from six major cities in Europe. Recorded by award-winning sound designer Ken Skoglund (The Duel, Fire With Fire), with the assistance

Pro Sound Effects – European Capitals

Review by: Jordan Killiard Edited by: Jake Basten Price: $449 US Developer: Pro Sound Effects Reviewed on: Pro Tools 2018, Mac Pro 5,1 Back in 2016, The Sound Architect's own Doug Waters reviewed the Hybrid Sound Effects Library from Pro Sound Effects, calling it "an absolutely amazing collection of recordings and created sound effects

The Odyssey Collection: Essentials Review

Article by Katie Tarrant Edited by Sam Hughes Content by: Richard L Anderson and Mark Mangini Published by: Pro Sound Effects Introduction The sound effects market is a growing industry that is filled with an endless amount of great content. The primary advantage of purchasing a sound effects library is to gain access to sounds

Cinematic Winds Review

Review by Jake Basten Edited by Katie Tarrant Developer: Pro Sound Effects Contributors: Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet Reviewed on: PC 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 Note: If you are interested in buying Cinematic Winds, Pro Sound Effects are offering an exclusive special offer for our readers of $20 off for the first 50 customers! Use discount code

Pro Sound Effects: Hybrid Sound Effects Library Review

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Reviewed by: Doug Waters Developer: Pro Sound Effects Significant Contributors: Ric Viers, Stephan Schütze, Kenneth Skoglund Reviewed on: iMac 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 NOTE:  Since this review was written, Pro Sound Effects released the Hybrid Library 2017 – the latest edition of their best overall value general sound library. Designed to be your go-to source

Pro Sound Effects Releases Chicago Ambisonics Library

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Pro Sound Effects have just released their latest sound effects library 'Chicago Ambisonics', featuring over 3 hours of immersive urban ambiences. The library also includes the software that allows users to control the positioning and polar patterns of 'virtual microphones' for greater control and creativity. This is the second Ambisonics